Who we are

Our story in an organic nutshell…

My brother and I wanted to open a restaurant in our childhood stomping ground of Brooklyn, NY.

We designed a menu that met the growing need for wholesome foods.

However, organic kosher products were hard to find & their prices were beyond reach for the average health-food lover…

Determined to make a difference, we decided to pack up & travel the world till we could gather the ingredients we’d been searching for.

  • In 1999 we opened Cafe K, and have been serving food made fresh to people in both our Brooklyn & our newer Manhattan location ever since.

  • In 2009 we created Natural Earth Products, a distributing company for our Organic specialty foods. 


Now Organic, kosher ingredients are accessible to people everywhere!

We’re grateful to have played a part in that, and we look forward to continue adding more fine foods to your table.

The family keeps growing…



The Brothers