Natural Earth Products

About Us

At Natural Earth, we believe that food wisdom builds life wisdom, that quality nourishment enhances the quality of the world… Our story in an organic nutshell…

My brother, Ami, and I wanted to open a restaurant in our childhood stomping ground of Brooklyn, NY. We designed a menu that met the growing need for wholesome foods. However, organic kosher products were hard to find & their prices were beyond reach!! Determined to make a difference, we packed up & traveled all around the world till we gathered the ingredients we’d been searching for.

  • In 1999 we opened Cafe K, and have been serving food made fresh to people in both our Brooklyn & our newer Manhattan location ever since.
  • In 2009 we created Natural Earth Products, a distributing company for our Organic specialty foods. 

  • Now Organic, kosher ingredients are accessible to people everywhere! We’re grateful to have played a part in that, and we look forward to continue adding more fine foods to your table.

    The family keeps growing…

    Shimon & Ami